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Senior Care

Senior Care

Pets are considered “seniors” at around 7 years of age, and pets age at a rate much faster than humans. Just like humans, our diet, exercise, and health change as we age, and your pets’ visits to the veterinarian are just as important as your trips to your doctor. The veterinarians at Seven Oaks Pet … Read moreSenior Care


Pet Vaccinations

Vaccines are one of the most parts of preventive veterinary care for your pet, and can help your pet live a longer, healthier life. Vaccines protect your pet from many deadly infectious diseases and have saved millions of pets’ lives and have nearly abolished some fatal diseases altogether. However, the threats that vaccines protect against … Read moreVaccinations


Seven Oaks Pet Hospital uses diagnostic ultrasound, which has been proven to be a powerful tool in both veterinary and human medicine. Our diagnostic ultrasound is part of our state-of-the-art medicine we practice at our hospital, and are pleased to offer such a high level of care to our patients. Ultrasonography uses ultrasound waves that … Read moreUltrasound



Seven Oaks Pet Hospitals offers digital radiology (or x-rays), which allow our veterinarians to view inside the body, which includes bones, heart, lungs, and abdominal organs. Our radiology service is a critical part to our high-quality medicine and diagnostic testing, and is painless, safe, and completely non-invasive. The procedure requires your pet to lay still … Read moreRadiology



Routine and Specialty Surgeries Seven Oaks Pet Hospital offers routine and specialty surgeries, from spaying or neutering to Cruciate ligament repair. Our veterinarians and highly trained staff are skilled in performing surgeries, ensuring that your pet receives the best surgical and post-operative experience. Continuing with our holistic approach to veterinary medicine, we focus on patient … Read moreSurgery



Modern-day acupuncture is a combination of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) and western veterinary health care. The ancient art of acupuncture, which has been used in China for more than 3,000 years, is based on the belief that all things are connected—people, plants, animals, planets, the atmosphere etc.—and that there is a balance between these. … Read moreAcupuncture



Snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles and tortoises—bring us your reptiles and amphibians! Seven Oaks Pet Hospital welcomes reptiles and amphibians. Our veterinarians can advise you about proper care, feeding, and maintenance of your pet, as well as treat illnesses and conditions specific to their species. Many of these pets require a very particular environment to thrive, … Read moreExotics